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Lawyer with extensive experience in defending complaints for crimes of international drug trafficking in Brazil, focusing on all stages of the process: from police investigation to freedom.

When the client is released, an additional service can be offered to pick up the client at the prison for foreigners from Itaí city, located in the state of São Paulo.

Facility of getting back the client´s identification documents, such as passport, personal belongings and others.

Know Dr. Diego Elias

Specialist in criminal law

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Dr. Diego Elias

More than 14 years in criminal law

Dr. Elias began his career in Brazil working in Criminal Law and after three years he dedicated himself exclusively to the defense of those accused of international drug trafficking, achieving a high percentage of success to get freedom and justice to his clients.


  • I had already been in prison (Itai - São Paulo) for a few months on drug trafficking charges. At the time I was being defended by a public lawyer and my family had not heard about me or the lawsuit. So they searched on Google and found Dr. Elias who got me to respond to the process in freedom.

    Samuel from Nigeria

  • I was being accused of international drug trafficking and Dr. Elias took my case even though he knew it would be complex. After a while, I was free to come back to my family.

    Ayoub from Tunisia

  • When I was arrested in Itai Prison, accused of international drug trafficking, I thought I would not be out of prison anytime soon. That's when my family got in touch with Dr. Elias. He was very attentive and explained to me and to my family about every step of the judicial proceeding. Dr. Elias managed to prove my innocence and I returned to my hometown (Bogota) sooner than I imagined. I just have to thank you.

    Alejandro from Colombia


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